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November 6, 2006

Noise canceling headphones

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I came across some relatively cheap noise canceling headphones on eBay, some Sony MDR-NC11A. I don’t necessarily want to do an in-depth review of them, but figured I’d mention a couple of things. On the plus side, I got them at a reasonable price, and with them I do seem to be able to keep the volume level lower on my MP3 player. On the minus side, there are a couple of things. The small box containing the noise canceling electronics is a bit of a pain, it has to be clipped on somewhere or the headphones start to get pulled out of the ear. I’m sure I’m going to go through batteries quicker than I should by forgetting to turn off the noise canceling circuit. Lastly, when the circuit is on it adds some noticeable noise to the output, sounding sort of like a tape hiss sound. Reducing the low to midrange rumble of train wheels and forced air may be a reasonable tradeoff for a small amount of full range noise, but it winds up that its not a free lunch.

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