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November 5, 2006

You didn’t really come here to hunt, did you…

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The other day I was listening to a podcast of the Penn Jillette radio show. It was an episode with guests Bob Saget and Tom Bergeron . At about 36:00 minutes in, Penn starts telling a story about his good friend Rob Pike. Now, I’ve heard of Rob Pike. I’m impressed that Penn knows him; I own books Pike has written, and in many other ways is a name worthy of namedropping. One the other hand, I can understand why the contexts where I have heard of Pike wouldn’t be ones that Saget would come across. When Jillette says “he’s a scientist at Google”, Saget’s initial reaction is “A scientist? Isn’t Google just a search button?” (to which Penn replies “Yes, but someone has to make all of the stuff behind the button work.”) Even so, Saget loved vamping on roles he thought would be as silly sounding as a scientist at Google (“A nuclear physicist at Yahoo?” “A heart surgeon for myspace?”)

I don’t blame Bob Saget for not knowing about Rob Pike or the size of Google R&D. I just find it a bit odd that my view of the world is so skewed that it wouldn’t occur to me that it would surprise people.

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