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July 11, 2011

New Phone Friday

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Verizon delivered new mobile phones to the house on Friday. (more or less, details below.)

We wound up with one Android (a reconditioned HTC Thunderbolt), and iPhone, and and Kin TwoM. So I guess we wound up with a pretty wide cross section of what’s available for mobile phones.

Then Saturday wound up being nearly the worst possible day for everyone to have an unfamiliar phone:

Michelle suddenly had to go to the Cape for her mom’s rental house. Then once she got there realized that a car charger, etc would have been nice to have. (she wound up picking up the bare essentials at a Radio Shack.) Never having any sort of overly complex phone before, she wound up not having too much trouble figuring out the iphone. (Although any little slip up or question she has, Sam suggests trading phones.)

Sam’s biggest problem was copying the contacts from her old phone (my hand me down Nokia e61, which she referred to as a dinosaur) and the Kin TwoM. After a lot of trial and effort, we wound up having to take it to the Verizon Wireless shop, and they managed to do it with “the machine in the back.” Other than the contacts difficulty, she seems pretty happy with it so far. Touch screen and slide out keyboard. Wifi, and the basic applications that you’d expect on a phone. I told her that I didn’t buy the insurance for the TwoM, and that the only insurance I had was the promise that if she breaks or damages the phone I will replace it with something twice as big, and twice as ugly.

Most of my switching (from a T-mobile G1 to the Thunderbolt) went smoothly. I re-signed in to my Google account and all the old data synced and Android Market apps re-downloaded to the new phone. The only problems I had were sheer stupidity. My one non-AndroidMarket app, Tasker, I had “released” the authorization code on my old phone, but failed to write it down. I eventually found the code on an emailed receipt from paypal. The other problem I had was not recognizing my ringtone. I was walking around Roche Bros grocery store and my younger daughter had to tell me to take the phone out of my pocket and answer it.

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