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June 25, 2009

The inverted pyramid of news reporting

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One time Penn Jillette was recounting an anecdote on his radio show. He was on an airplane and then boarding after him was a notable stand up comic. After greeting each other, the comic started asking questions about his career. “How many times did you do the Tonight Show? “Oh about three or four times so far”. “How many appearances on Letterman? Your New York show, is that on Broadway or an off-Broadway show” After answering his questions the comic muttered, “just great. If this plane goes down, the article will read ‘Penn Jillette comedian and magician noted for his Broadway show and his late night talk show appearances died in a plane crash. Also on board was …”
A slightly different collection of on screen credits and Jillette would have been related to the “also on board was magician Penn Jillette and and 175 other passengers.”

A slightly different collection of credits, and Farrah Fawcett’s passing would be all over the news tonight. Ed McMahon and David Carrodine are off of everyones notice entirely.

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