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May 26, 2009


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I have this big mondo blog post about the state of the media. I keep adding to it and never getting to a point where it can be finished off. I figure that I need to break it into pieces before it becomes a  Gordian Knot that I can’t untangle. Here is one easily extracted piece:

Who in the world is the GlobeReader product designed for? It promises the reader “an experience similar to your newspaper’s look and feel.” Is there really a market people who would prefer to read their news on a computer rather than paper and ink but find the web too cumbersome?  

The only other possibility that I could initially think of is the other side of news media marketing. They really have two sides to their marketing: marketing to their readers and to their advertisers. Since newspaper advertising produces far greater revenue than web advertising, it could be a product that appeals to advertisers. From what I could see of the demo, no.  At the most they show a single standard banner add at the bottom of the page. (The demo for  TimesReader, that this seems to be based on  shows no advertising at all.)

For the features that GlobeReader seems to have that Boston.com seems to lack :

  • Resizable text. (can be done to some extent with a web browser’s text resizing, but there is too much absolute positioning within the boston.com site design and you wind up with small boxes of large text.)
  • Offline access. (can be done with some RSS readers or predictive caching.)
  • Mac OS-X Aqua style transitions. 
  • An alternative, utilitiarian  site design.

Is there anything else that I’m missing?

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