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August 10, 2008

No accounting for taste

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My older daughter was trying to talk me into buying a waterproof ipod speaker dock for the bathroom, so she could listen to music in the shower:

Three out of four of the people in the house have iPods. I have a bunch of cool music on my ipod, my sister has a bunch of cool music on her iPod. You (pause) um, you have a bunch of music that you think is cool on your iPod.

And then kept rubbing it in with bringing up music a couple of other times and putting the words “cool music” in sarcasm quotes ( sometimes called air quotes)

I paid her back for that remark by listening to Girl Talk all the way home. We got home in the middle of “Give Me a Beat“and when I turned off the car and the music my younger daughter asked “I wonder: just give me a what?” I was a bit surprised she was paying attention, but awfully pleased.

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  1. Why does Abbie get the link for Wicked? She doesn’t even know where her iPod is! Micah could have eaten it and no one would have noticed!

    Comment by Sam — February 17, 2009 @ 11:40 am

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