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March 30, 2008

Cheap TV listening headphones

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I’ve occasionally thought that a pair of TV listening headphones would be useful, but could never quite justify the cost of them. (depending on the pair, $40-$150). I came up with something that will function relatively well and cost much less. I purchased a FM transmitter that was intended to hook a portable MP3 player to a car radio (Home Depot, about $12) The audio input is a standard portable headphone 1/8″ stereo plug. (and expecting headphone level audio signal, a little stronger than line level.) I then bought a RCA audio plug to 1/8″ stereo jack and connected the FM transmitter to the audio out of my satellite box. My MP3 player has an FM tuner (its actually the  iPod FM tuner adapter/corded remote that plugs into the dock connector)

It seems to work fine. Can anyone think of any consequences I haven’t at this point? Those FM transmitters are sometimes tricky with cars, depending on the car’s antenna connection, existing FM towers, etc. When connected to the TV, there is clear line of site between the transmitter and the FM receiver and the TV isn’t ever going to drive closer to the FM tower and change its relative signal strength. The fact that the FM transmitter is battery powered will get annoying after time, but most of the small FM transmitters I see in stores use the car cigarette lighter power plug (which I don’t have my house wired with, so I’d probably need to wire up an adapter for.)

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