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October 22, 2007

My Nokia E61

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I just bought a Nokia E61 from a guy from craigslist. Its pretty neat so far. Its a business oriented unit, probably something like a Blackberry. Large screen, mini-qwerty keyboard, a web browser that supports javascript , css, and flash (although I’m not sure if that is a feature or not.) Unlike the E62 that they sell in this country, the E61 also supports 802.11, and can be used as a VOIP SIP client.


  1. no iphone? Not waiting for the openmoko?

    Comment by James — October 23, 2007 @ 8:10 am

  2. Not only does form follow function, but form has to follow a bunch of other things too. Price is a consideration. I bought the phone for less than half the cost of the iPhone, and since I bought it unlocked, I kept my current low end Tmobile service for about a 1/3 less than the low end plan that AT&T sells with the iPhone.

    I’m sure that the iPhone has a really slick UI, but the Symbian OS is very simple and functional. the E61’s apps are roughly on par with the iPhones. (web, chat, text messaging, Email, calendar, todo, etc.) Google produces a Symbian version of Google Mail and Google Maps for the phone.) Plus, it has the ability to add applications (which is coming soon for the iPhone.)

    Since I probably use a mobile phone for text messaging and as a PDA more than I do a phone, a design that is more conducive to text entry is appreciated.

    Then there is the WiFi and VOIP SIP phone features, which aren’t even matched by the iPhone.

    As far as OpenMoku, I looked at it, but for now I couldn’t justify the current price of the dev kit. Once it becomes a retail item, I assume it will be sold in the same way mobile phone carriers do now, a locked crippled version of what the product is capable of.

    Besides, I can keep using my E51 until OpenMoku comes out, and then sell it if I want a change. In the meanwhile I’ve got a year or so use out of it.

    Comment by andrew — October 23, 2007 @ 11:02 pm

  3. […] she won’t rack up a huge bill,  etc.) I go and do the stupidest thing possible. I lose my Nokia E61 phone. I remember a point in the evening that I had it. (I was reading Google Reader over the […]

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