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October 13, 2007

Making music

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Sam had a project for science at school to make a musical instrument. Most of the kids made string or percussion instruments, and Sam wanted something different. This is what we came up with.

Its sort of a flute-ish sort of thing. I guess sort of a fipple flute, sort of like a recorder. We made it from a piece of tubing that goes with a shop vac, and a wooden dowel.

We put the dowel into into the shopvac tube and made one cut the size of the mouthpiece, and another angle cut for the mouthpiece. Then on the whistle body itself, we cut a window, and then filed the lip at an angle. The the angular piece of the dowel became the fipple, and the surrounding piece of plastic was the rest of the mouthpiece.

The fipple was pushed slightly into the instrument’s body, and I made s small cut at the bottom of the mouthpiece so that it could be stretched and fit over the body as the same mark. This made a small windway through the mouthpiece, over the fipple. Everything was glued into place with a hot glue gun. Holes were drilled for the finger holes. (I was probably a little bit off for the holes. I wasn’t very careful with them. I guess I considered this a sort of proof of concept prototype.) Sam then finished it off with the silver stickers. (which were sort of the edges of a page of stickers. Those little stray pieces that are between the real designs. Reusing those junk pieces seemed to be right in line with how this project was carried out.)

Sand and file everything down a bit, and its ready to go.

A Fipple Flute
The mouthpiece

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