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October 3, 2007

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

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I was reading the comments in Reflections of a Newsosaur’s Brain Drain and it had a certain amount of resonance. It sounded like he could have been looking at my last job. And then I saw the comments. Anonymous post after anonymous post that I read and thought. “Oh, that’s the one that probably came from one of my ex-co-workers”, and then the next one and the next.

Either a lot of people are in the same situation, or most of the comments came my the people I used to work with. A large news site (“You’d know the name”)  where there is  discussion of whether to explain “what the underlined words are for”. That sounds about like the environment I left. A computer programmer turned newspaper journalist thinking the online staff is a bunch of “lunkheads”? And that he could make it better if they just gave him the server passwords? Except that I don’t know of any  ex-computer programmers among the reporters (or what any of their former jobs were), that complaint sounds like it could have easily come from my my last job. A redesign bringing up a turf-war of “control”? That sounds familiar too.

Unfortunately, I sort of hope that all of the comments came from the company I used to work for. That would mean that there is some hope that some other organizations might be in slightly better shape.

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