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August 9, 2009

Screenscraping is tough

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I just read about a site called The Book Seer which does book recommendations. So I went back through the last three books that I finished (which were all very different from each other, so I wanted to see how it would respond:

Fun Home oddly enough couldn’t get any book recommendations from Amazon. Some of the recommendations it did find seemed to be geared more on its graphic novel-ness and less on its content (can someone see a connection Frank Miller’s Sin City and  Alison Betchel’s Fun Home besides they both have lots of pictures?)

Angels & Demons suggested most of Dan Brown’s other works, which isn’t very surprising. (my brother lent it to me well before the movie came out, and it just reached the priority level in the pile. We were discussing Bruce Scheier’s post about Hacking a Papal Election and the connection between security and tradition. I also meant to read it before I saw the film, but now its too late, at least for the theaters.)

Sacred Attunement was the oddest of all though. I got a whole bunch of recommendations labeled “attribute error at line …”.

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