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November 23, 2008

A haircut entry

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In the vernacular of blogging, a “haircut entry” is a blog entry of so little importance to anyone but the writer, one has to wonder why they thought that anyone would want to read it. (“I got a haircut today..”, who would actually care?)

Well, lets see what I can do for the genre.

Last Friday, I tried to run out during lunch to get my haircut. I came back with something far different than what I intended.

I first went to the place I normally go to. They said that had a 30+ minute wait, so I decided to go someplace else. When I got there, the barber immediately said “You’ve never been in this shop before, have you?” I sort of wondered how he could be sure of that. We chatted. He cut hair. By the end, I figured out how he could tell I’ve never been there.

He probably never gets repeat customers. Not with the kind of job he did for me. Or maybe some set of customers who don’t notice or care, and then everyone knows enough not to go back.  The fact that the shop never seems busy should have been a clue (I can’t remember when I’ve ever seen it with customers, let alone anyone waiting. Now that I think about it, it only has a chair or two for anyone to wait anyway.)

You live and learn. Or live at least.

November 21, 2008

One more the more amusing rants from a late-night talk show host

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Craig Fergusen’s rant on youth culture. “If you’re wearing a sequined sweatshirt that says ‘punk is not dead’ that costs $200, not only is punk dead, but you killed it.”

November 14, 2008

Polite business behavior

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For some reason “Please Advice” is supposed to sound more polite than “I demand that you answer me!” in an email message or similar memo. I tend to read them essentially as synonyms.

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