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July 5, 2006

Never trust anyone over 30.

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Last night I was with my older daughter at the high school field waiting for the fireworks to start. Well, not exactly with. We found a place for our blanket near where all of her friends had taken spots, and once I sat down, she ran off with her friends across the field and all the parents were left minding all the things we brought.

Sam came up to me and said “Daddy, I just saw a shooting star!”, and proceeded to describe it to me. After the explaination, we decided it wasn’t a shooting star because it lasted so long with such an erratic trajectory. So then she tried “Well, then its an asteroid  crashing into earth!” to which I replied “No. Its not an asteroid crashing into the earth.” (roughly in the same tone of voice as Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop saying “No, Its not a tumor”.)

Sam replied, “That’s exactly what I’d expect a parent to say if there was an Asteroid crashing into the earth!”.

Its hard to counter-argue that.

UPDATE 11:00:
I just noticed that Boing Boing had an article Big-ass asteroid whooshes by Earth, too close for comfort and Boston.com had an even longer description in Large asteroid zips past earth. I’ve got to point that out to Sam.

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