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April 25, 2006

Old Boston.com tech photos

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I have three articles in the blog’s drafts queue that are waiting to be finished. Unfortunately the way my mind tends to work, I stop writing new, potentially easy stuff because I’m blocking on the harder stuff.

This is an attempt at a way to bypass that logjam.

Mike Devlin at work was trying to describe the way the whiteboard near the technology office’s entrance used to be used for a collective “mind map” and while I was there I came across other photos from about the same era.

Its funny how some things change and some stay the same. Dan’s Office hasn’t changed much. Other things have changed a lot.

Since the sysadmins have taken on a lot of the desktop support duties that used to be handled by TSG, I’m surprised that haven’t taken on this tactic.

And it doesn’t look like the room had any better lighting back then, either.

April 1, 2006

NBC Fake PSAs.

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I just came across a bunch of The More You Know spoofs that the cast of The Office did. They contain important information such as “When eating jelly beans, watch out for the black ones.” “Don’t always believe what people on television tell you.”, and “The Fugitive was a really good movie.”

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